Find Primary Care in Cary NC for All Your Needs

Residents of Cary, North Carolina can thank the railroad for the city’s initial growth spurt. When the railroad built tracks through the town to reach already established municipalities such as Raleigh, it gave Cary the jumpstart needed to prosper. Today, Cary is the seventh largest city in North Carolina. Less than 30 minutes away, Chapel Hill Primary Care is proud to provide the health care needs of Cary residents.

One Stop Shopping

The foundation of Chapel Hill Primary Care is based on client convenience and top-quality care. Whether you need a routine physical exam, advanced diagnostics or surgery, CHPC can manage it for you. The primary care physicians at Chapel Hill have relationships with surgeons and specialists in many areas of medicine. This means that your CHPC physician becomes the coordinator of your care even when you need a specialist or surgery.

Acute Illnesses

Whether an illness comes on quickly or takes a few days to develop, your physician can determine how best to treat it. If you suspect you might have strep throat, tonsillitis, bronchitis, a sinus infection or other acute illness, Chapel Hill Primary Care will be able to evaluate, diagnose and treat the condition. Unsure whether you have the flu or a severe cold? Find out with a flu swab and begin treatment more quickly.


The best way to avoid certain illnesses is to get vaccinated before they strike. Chapel Hill Primary Care offers all available vaccines for adults including flu shots, shingles vaccines, pneumonia immunizations. In addition, CHPC provides Hepatitis A and B vaccines as well as HPV immunizations. Some vaccines are based on age, gender and overall heath. Your CHPC physician can advise you on which vaccines are appropriate for you and provide them.

Women’s Health

In addition to the regular health care needs that all adults have, women have areas of health care that are exclusive to their gender. Pelvic examinations and pap smears are performed by your PCP at Chapel Hill Primary Care. There are diseases that can strike men or women but the majority of those who get them are women. Fibromyalgia, certain types of cancer and specific arthritis types target the female population. Assessment for your risk of such diseases can mean early detection and early treatment.

Physical Central

There are several types of physicals including:

Sports physical: This is typically required by high school and college sports coaches. If your teen or young adult child is required to obtain a sports physical Chapel Hill Primary Care will conduct the sports physical and fill out any paperwork required by the school.

Annual Physical: The best treatment is usually early treatment, which means early diagnosis. Annual physicals check your overall health and can detect early signals of diseases and disorders.

Pre-employment physical: If you own a business and would like to protect yourself and your business from personal injury liability, it might ease your mind to have those you offer jobs get a physical before starting work. We will give the job candidate a thorough healthcare check-up and provide a report to you as to the candidate’s overall health as it pertains to performing the job.

Why Chapel Hill Primary Care?

At Chapel Hill Primary Care, we use evidence-based principals to give you the most comprehensive, overall healthcare possible. We know your time is important, therefore, we strive to achieve the shortest possible wait times for your appointments. The goal at Chapel Hill Primary Care is to make you part of the team, which means we take your desires, concerns and ideas into consideration when developing treatment plans.

Education is knowledge. To that end we work to educate our patients so that they can reduce their risk of certain illnesses or disorders. Management of chronic illness is something we are very familiar with, whether it is diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure or another chronic health issue.