Finding Primary Care Near Mebane NC – About 20 Minutes Away in Chapel Hill

The city of Mebane got its start when a post office was built in 1809. Named for Brigadier General Alexander Mebane, it started out as Mebanesville but was changed to Mebane in 1883. Four years later, the city’s charter was officially changed to the City of Mebane.  The first government meetings took place in the town’s only drug store and the first mayor was Stephen A. White, who was elected in 1881.

Chapel Hill Primary Care is just a short 20 minute ride from Mebane, and offers a comprehensive list of primary health care services for patients 13 years of age and older. Chapel Hill Primary Care uses an evidence-based approach to ensure that its patients receive the benefits of the latest proven research combined with treating individual symptoms. The patient-base at CHPC includes men, women, older teens and the elderly.

Women’s Health

Regularly scheduled pap smears, pelvic exams and mammograms are part of the women’s healthcare protocol at CHPC. In addition, the healthcare providers are familiar with diseases and disorders that are female-oriented, such as endometriosis and ovarian cysts. They are able to provide advanced treatment using the latest technology.

Senior Citizens

Adults in their golden years often face health issues that the younger generations don’t experience. As people age, conditions such as arthritis can appear or become worse, certain cancers are more prevalent and nutritional needs change. Chapel Hill Primary Care is able to assess and evaluate this patient population to prevent when possible and detect and treat early in other cases.  Osteoporosis is also more prevalent in this demographic. Chapel Hill Primary Care can evaluate and manage it for you.  If a nutritional consult is needed, this too can be ordered.

A primary care physician is the point person for all of your health care needs. When you need a specialist or surgery, your primary care physician is responsible for coordinating all of the things that are involved. The physicians at CHPC have partnered with surgeons and specialists who will be able to tend to the specific health issues, while CHPC continues to see to your overall health care.


Vaccinations are part of preventive health care. At CHPC, a wide variety of  vaccinations are offered including, Hepatitis A and B, pneumonia, flu, shingles, tetanus and chicken pox. Getting vaccinated helps you avoid illnesses that can quickly become serious and develop life-threatening complications.

Disease Management

The monitoring and management of chronic disease is vital to maintaining good health. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis or other health issues, CHPC will monitor it for you to be sure you are on the proper medications and the right dosage.


Whether you need an annual physical or you have been offered a job and have been asked to get a pre-employment check-up, the staff at Chapel Hill Primary Care is ready to take care of those needs. In addition, if you are playing on a high school or college sports team and the school requires you to get a sports physical before you can play, CHPC will take care of it and fill out any papers the district requires.


Education of patients is a goal of CHPC.  Becoming informed about your condition makes you a better partner with CHPC when it comes to treatment choices and decisions.  We encourage you to ask questions and become part of your treatment team.

Take away: Developing a trusted relationship with your primary care physician now will make it easier to seek assistance when health issues arise. Call Chapel Hill Primary Care today to book your next appointment.