Find Primary Care near Pittsboro NC – Located in Chapel Hill About 30 Minutes Away

Since 1787, Pittsboro, North Carolina has been a great place to live, work and play.  In 2004, this quaint little town was featured in Southern Living Magazine. From 1990 to 2000 Pittsboro experienced a 38% growth rate and has continued to steadily grow since then.

Primary Care near Pittsboro, NC

Residents of Pittsboro who need primary health care are just a short drive from Chapel Hill Primary Care. Approximately, 30 minutes by car and conveniently located just minutes off the I-40, CHPC makes it easy for Pittsboro families to see their doctor.

Who We Serve

Chapel Hill Primary Care provides comprehensive health care for everyone 13 years and older in the family. Long-term goals that target optimum health are offered, as well as diagnosis and treatment of immediate medical needs. In addition, if you have a chronic health condition, such as diabetes or hypertension, we will manage it with you. We use an evidence-based approach to health care, which combines prior proven research with your individual symptoms.

Saving You Time

Here at CHPC, we understand that your time is valuable. With that in mind, we designed an overall, convenience-driven business model that includes:

  • Free parking
  • First floor location
  • No double-booked appointments
  • No wait or minimal wait time for your appointment

 Comprehensive Care

We diagnose and treat acute and chronic illness as well as promote preventive care to avoid disease whenever possible. Some of the services we offer include:

  1. Annual physical examinations
  2. Sports physicals
  3. Women’s health services
  4. Chronic disease management
  5. Immunizations

Acute Care

Whether you developed a sudden case of the flu or fell off a chair and sprained your wrist, we are here to help you. Because we know that being in pain or feeling sick can make time feel like it crawls, we work hard to provide short wait times so that you can get home to rest as soon as possible.

Immunizations and Vaccines

One of the best ways to avoid the flu is to get vaccinated against it. We offer an array of immunizations and vaccines to keep you healthy. Tetanus, pneumonia, flu and shingles vaccines are among those that we can offer depending on your age, general overall health and length of time since your last vaccine.

Pain Management

Few things are as physically and emotionally draining as chronic pain. Whether your pain is caused by injury or illness, we at Chapel Hill Primary Care will continually evaluate, treat and help you deal with the problem. Your overall health and lifestyle will be considered in determining the best course of treatment for you, which could include medication, physical therapy and exercise suggestions. If you are in pain of any kind, either acute or chronic, call CHPC for an appointment.

Women’s Health Care

While men and women have many similar healthcare needs, women’s health also has many areas that are exclusive to women. Routine mammograms, pelvic exams and pap smears are services offered by CHPC.  Preventive measures can be taken to avoid female diseases. In addition, several chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia and certain types of arthritis are far more prevalent in women than in men. We are equipped to diagnose, treat and manage those conditions as well.


Our primary care physicians diagnose and treat a range of illnesses, prescribe medications and request and interpret blood tests and x-rays. They also provide referrals when you need to consult with a specialist want to talk with an integrative medicine consultant. If you do need treatment from a medical specialist, we have relationships with some of the top-rated specialists in the area. While they handle the specific medical condition, we will continue to provide you with primary health care.

Bottom Line

Regardless of your health care need, CHPC is ready to diagnose, treat and manage it with you. At the same time we will help you set long-term goals for optimum health. This frees you to enjoy your life and all that it has to offer.